CO2 Lock Corp. Successfully Completes Significant Phase of Carbon Capture Kinetic Testing for Ultra-mafic CCS Project

Mar 23, 2023 | 0 comments

We are pleased to announce the completion of a suite of test work focused on permanently storing carbon dioxide in brucite and brucite-rich serpentinized peridotite (“BRSP”) rock. This initial test work builds upon six years of lab and field research performed by FPX Nickel at the Decar Nickel District, a BRSP deposit in central British Columbia and is designed to fully characterize the kinetics, reaction rates, and sequestration potential of BRSP deposits for standalone carbon capture and storage projects. Experiments utilizing rock and water samples from multiple BRSP deposits to mineralize CO2 were very successful, and results will incorporate into additional test work as the Company works towards detailed technoeconomic analysis and Life Cycle Analysis.

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